Tackling Oppressive Behaviour in Employment


Unsolicited statements received from people who have used the services of TOBIE

"The site and more importantly the people who run it, offer support on several levels.

"First and most importantly, they let you know that you are not alone in being the subject of unwarranted attention and that you have someone you can trust to turn to.

"They then offer simple and sensible advice on how to “fight back” within the law with the view of ending the harassment / bullying.

"This can include keeping records of conversations / events and or taking photographs.

"Lastly and with your permission, they will approach your employer to both highlight the issue and let them know that an outside agency is fully aware of the situation.

"Throughout all this, they keep in touch and make sure you are well informed of what they are doing. "Although in my personal case I did not get the result I had hoped for, I did get the offer of a move.

"I doubt very much that my employer would have been so accommodating without the input of TOBIE.

"Thank you so much for your help."