Tackling Oppressive Behaviour in Employment


Are You a Bully ?

†Are you a bully? Do you enjoy harassing people?

Whilst being a bully may make you feel good about yourself, you should not.

You see, you are really a coward.

Yes, itís hard to accept, but that is what you are!

You pick on quiet colleagues, those that do not like talking or fighting back.

You even pick on those that are educated, but why?

Well it is because you have a problem.

There is probably an underlying reason.

Do you lack confidence?

Do you find it hard to make friends?

Were you bullied or harassed and did nothing about it?

Whilst this behaviour may be fun to you it is destroying the life and the family life of the person you are targeting.

Do you know that these people more than likely suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and cannot face coming to work.

This behaviour can get to people so much that they commit suicide.

Why donít you reflect?

Why donít you think your behaviour through and realise that you can be respected and liked by doing good, by helping your colleagues, by being a good Samaritan.

So, why donít you stop this anti social behaviour now?

Why donít you try being supportive, amenable and friendly towards the person you target.

STOP now before things get out of hand.

Even if it does not end in a disaster for your target, you could lose your job, your liberty and any friends that you do have.

Up until now you have been a coward.

So from now, change.

Seek help if itís needed, speak to your Doctor, your Supervisor or Manager.

If you cannot face them speak to your Union Representative, your harassment Advisor or just speak to a colleague who is good at listening.

Donít make life hell for someone else because of your inadequacies. †

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